International freight
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Our company offers deliveries by various means of transport all over the world. Our specialists select the route and mode of transport according to your needs, delivery conditions and your cargo characteristics, organize customs clearance in any country of the world, provide insurance of your cargoes.

Air freight

The fastest way of delivery for long distances. At the same time the most expensive one. As usual, airfreight is a kind of multimodal transportation consisting of cargo pick up, terminal handling at the departure airport, the flight itself, terminal handling at the destination airport, and local delivery to consignee. Some airlines arrange flights between certain airports, that`s why “flight” may include a number of transfers of cargo with transitional transshipments. Different types of aircraft are used for different routes that impose serious cargo dimensions and weight limits.

Our specialists will help to choose the optimal routing taking into account cost and time.

Sea freight

Not fast but inexpensive way of delivery. This is the only way of transcontinental shipment of cargoes which are not allowed for air transportation due to their specifications (heavy, oversized, dangerous, etc.) Sea freight is also multimodal shipment which is organized by shipping lines in accordance with determined sea routes. The general cargoes are shipped in special standard containers. There is a wide range of special equipment and vessels for specific cargoes.

We offer both full container shipments and less-than-container-load services.

If you are interested in non-standard cargo deliveries we can find appropriate equipment and vessels.

Road freight

The most commonly used way of delivery. It is quite fast and cheap for smaller distances. It can be included into any multimodal transportation. There is a variety of different vehicles for various types of goods.

Our specialists will be happy to select the most appropriate vehicle for your goods and offer either full or less than truck loads with properly chosen routes.

All transportations are carried out in accordance with TIR Convention and ASMAP rules.

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International freight

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