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Partners in Asia

South-East Asia especially China is a world goods factory where consumer can find almost everything on different taste and inquiry. Chinese manufactures attract partners by various beneficial terms of cooperation, mostly by pricing policy.

To examine the range of goods and find reliable partner it's necessary to collect a lot of information about the goods, manufacture, terms of cooperation, find the best logistic route, study customs legislation, etc.

We are ready to clarify all the details and help you:

  1. Define the inquiry (goods description; price range; estimated volume);
  2. Collect information about the manufacturer and find alternative suppliers (manufacture registration information, factory's technical equipment, company's position on market, collaboration history with foreign companies);
  3. Pre-contract research (preliminary negotiations with manufacturer, price and conditions matching, manufacturing and shipping terms, goods samples procurement, visiting manufacture's factory, conducting negotiations);
  4.  Sign delivery contract (between customer and manufacturer/supplier in case he has export license);
  5. Control contract compliance (inspection to the factory, control of manufacturing and shipping terms).


As a partner of major insurance companies both in Russia and abroad, we are pleased to offer cargo insurance all over the world.

We offer:

Local delivery

After the customs clearance, we are ready to deliver your cargo to any place in Russian Federation or other countries of the Customs Union. Depending on your needs we can offer air, road or railway delivery or, if this is required, develop a multimodal scheme.

Our experience allows us to deliver the goods to the most remote places of the country, including the regions of the Far North.

At the clients' request we can provide consolidation or deconsolidation of cargoes. Due to the well-developed affiliate network, we offer such services in Saint-Petersburg, at our terminal, as well as in other regions of Russia. Services relating to inland transport and terminal services are offered both for import and for export cargoes.

International freight

Warehousing services

Customs clearance

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